Sybase APT Workbench – Text GUI RAD

I’m just curious if any of you had/have pleasure to work with Sybase’s text GUI rapid application development environment called APT Workbench.

Below are some screenshots to illustrate what I’m writing about.

First, the login window:
Sybase APT Workbench - Login screen

Creating new form:
Sybase APT Workbench - New Form

Forms menu:
Sybase APT Workbench - Forms Menu

Form attributes:
Sybase APT Workbench - Form Attributes

Fields menu:
Sybase APT Workbench - Fields Menu

Field attributes:
Sybase APT Workbench - Field Attributes

Field special attributes:
Sybase APT Workbench - Field Special Attributes

Does any of the keywords ring the bell?:


   SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE ...

After Googling for a while I’ve found some archive of a group: sybase.public.apt-dwb-sqr and also here on Sybase Community Forums.

Since APT isn’t, for quite a long time, any more supported by Sybase, some applications needed to be converted/rewritten to other platforms. I’ve seen some code automatically converted from APT to PowerBuilder by AnyLEX (site unfortunately under construction).

If you happen to be stuck with some of your legacy code written in the APT, contact me, I can try to help.