Sybase APT Workbench – Text GUI RAD

I’m just curious if any of you had/have pleasure to work with Sybase’s text GUI rapid application development environment called APT Workbench.

Below are some screenshots to illustrate what I’m writing about.

First, the login window:
Sybase APT Workbench - Login screen

Creating new form:
Sybase APT Workbench - New Form

Forms menu:
Sybase APT Workbench - Forms Menu

Form attributes:
Sybase APT Workbench - Form Attributes

Fields menu:
Sybase APT Workbench - Fields Menu

Field attributes:
Sybase APT Workbench - Field Attributes

Field special attributes:
Sybase APT Workbench - Field Special Attributes

Does any of the keywords ring the bell?:


   SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE ...

After Googling for a while I’ve found some archive of a group: sybase.public.apt-dwb-sqr and also here on Sybase Community Forums.

Since APT isn’t, for quite a long time, any more supported by Sybase, some applications needed to be converted/rewritten to other platforms. I’ve seen some code automatically converted from APT to PowerBuilder by AnyLEX (site unfortunately under construction).

If you happen to be stuck with some of your legacy code written in the APT, contact me, I can try to help.

6 thoughts on “Sybase APT Workbench – Text GUI RAD

  1. Dear coder,

    Our front end also uses APT. Typically we navigate from one APT screen/forms to another(i am a dba and have no idea abt. APT) for each and every task, something very similar to your screenshots. Our database is SYBASE ASE.

    Recently our number of user connections reached the max number of user connections allowed on SYBASE ASE(32767). On investigating we found that when navigating from one APT form to another the connection from the old form to ASE is not being closed. So even though we have only 18,000 physical users connected our total db connections are reaching around 30,000.

    Any help in this regard will be of great help. I have barely any idea of APT, but i can check with APT guys in our organization if you can provide any input.

    Thanks and have a great day!!

  2. Hi,

    i’m looking for “APT WORKBENCH” or an equiv product.
    I’m working on a simple program with AML 71V2 rf terminal for stock tracking.
    Sybase or other database but an ssh or telnet text based application with forms like APT WKB can do !

    any propositions ?


    • Hi,

      Since APT is not supported by Sybase any longer, I guess you will have to develop your application using ncurses.


    • APT is a great application. Core Banking solution of one of the govt based bank was developed was running for nearly 12 years from 2005. Let sybase need not support. Why do you require support. Id does not have bugs. To my knowledge last it was supported means they were giving upgrades etc.,in 1999 or so. Never mind it is a good platform for development. If you need assistance or development, please contact

  3. Hi,
    We are one still have the APT application with 4 screens that run in the hand held scanners connect to AIX server (Ver7.2) and Sybase ASE database (15.7). Currently we are moving the Sybase database to the new AIX server. I have copied all the old APT related libraries to the new one. However I get “Sql server unavailable at this time” when I run the APT command. I have checked “interfaces” file, set the DSQUERY to the right entry. I am not sure what is the problem. In the Sybase log I see this message: kernel ReadFile error: status 73 (Connection reset by peer) vsn 66. Would you see what could be the problem?
    Thanks in advance

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